3.22.16 Meeting Minutes

Thu, 03/24/2016 - 5:07pm -- charity


  • Overview of last meeting

  • Consensus on communication (google groups)

  • Operation manual & actionable items

    • Subcommittees to tackle writing volunteer procedures

    • Schedule meeting dates outside normal DAAC meetings

    • Fee and rental schedule (see email Charity sent)

  • Open House (April 9) update

  • April - July Booking Dates

  • Schedule another Clean-up moving more stuff date



Mike, John, Charity

Kylee (Lamplight), Natalie (April 9 coordinating), Lorenz (music scene/band), Miles (music), Kayleigh (book bands/volunteer), LeAnn (audioswatch), Danny (sound at mulligans, camp h, in bands), Joshua (Joshua Tree, 44 sound system, played site lab show), Gage (Joshua’s son), Jimmy (witch house), Andrew (tree house of horror, booking shows), Bob (book shows), Lori (daac supporter from beginning, fundraisers), Matthew (food on Lamp Light, Earthworks, Buttermilk etc, security, volunteer), Sam, Cole (punk shows), Joelle, Danny (GV visual studies), Shane, Terry, Gary



  • Taxes are filed. starting 2,279, income 6,863.97 (fundraising shows by JOE & La Dispute, Fed Galleries), expenses of 1,034.64 (buying supplies for gallery project, building stage, tables).

  • Agreement w/ Habitat is being reviewed by Joe Voss to sign

  • Volunteer day for: new shingles

  • Sponsoring LadyFest (charity will check on volunteer situation)


April 9 DATE

  • SiTE: LAB is having Cabildo playing at their space - Natalie is finding out when so we don’t overlap

  • Coloring for kids - include local artists to create images

    • Need to buy coloring supplies

  • Set up projection screen & compile videos of past DAAC shows

    • Download app

  • Games (corn hole, etc.)

  • Information boards about the DAAC, how to get involved

  • Volunteer team needed day of (3 at any time during the day)

  • Pre-date - cleaning, putting together information

  • White boards on wheels needed. English & Spanish version of DAAC 10 commandments (Miles Dad and Briana can help)


Pre April 9 To-Dos - Email & social media events to do stuff

  • Shingles

  • Bring remaining sound stuff

  • Curtains up over windows

  • Mop

  • Server cage for sound gear

  • Clean up bathroom

  • Get insurance through fiscal sponsor

  • Liability form?

  • Designated smoking area

  • March 26 11-2, April 2nd 11-?

  • Bring Dishware & items to every meeting if you think of it




Fee Structure

  • 70/30 for shows unless some circumstances

  • Member based fees possible

  • $30 or so for other events to keep the lights on

  • Break at summer and see if we need to restructure fees


Board member discussion

  • Elections May 3 for a full year

  • $60 dues in Feb

  • Attend at least one meeting a month


To Do’s:

  • Charity email natalie how to contact volunteer list & Shane’s email.

  • Charity add emails to list & email w/ notes from tonights

  • Next meetings March 29 & April 29 at 7pm here

  • Get in touch w/ Cook Arts Center

  • Send Miles everything we want translated

  • Find Handbill

  • Getting in touch with neighborhood association