Sad News

Publication Date

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

We come to you with a heavy heart.

We have recently learned that our long-standing home at 115 S. Division has been sold. This news is very sudden and shocking to all of us. We were told a little less than a week ago, and it was confirmed tonight that we would have to leave. Under the circumstances and out of respect for our current landlord we have agreed to leave by August 1st.

One of the hardest realizations about this news is that when we leave, it will be just 3 months shy of our 10th anniversary. Over the past decade we have hosted thousands of community events, performances, and exhibitions, and awarded over $3300 to local creative projects in the form of Sunday Soup grants. All of this run exclusively by volunteers and accomplished without outside funding.

So, what does this mean for the future? We can assure you that this is NOT the end of the DAAC, nor is it by any means the end of our involvement in the all-ages D.I.T. community we have all worked so hard to cultivate here in Grand Rapids.

In the immediate, however, all programming after July 29th is cancelled - we will do our best to find new homes for planned events but we haven't figured anything out yet. In the very near future, once we have had a chance to regroup, we will hold a town hall meeting to figure out how best to proceed. If you have ever considered getting involved with our collective or with the DIT community at large, that would be a very, very good time.

We want to thank every band that has ever played at the space, every artist who has displayed work on our walls, every past board member and volunteer, and everyone who has ever come to a performance or exhibition at the DAAC. We very literally could not have done this all without you for the past ten years - and we can't continue without you either.

We'll be in touch.