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Hello & welcome!

Please use this form to reserve The DAAC Space located at 1553 Plainfield Ave NE, #4, Grand Rapids, MI 49505


Things to know before renting the DAAC Space:

  • Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings are reserved for music shows. If this is a music show request, please fill out the Music Booking form.
  • Requests must be made at least 1 week in advance of the desired date. We are a volunteer-run organization and don't have the capacity for quicker turn-around or to find volunteers for shorter notice.
  • Visit our facilities page to understand what we offer/don't offer.
  • Space must be requested at a minimum of 2 hours
  • Available times: 7am-11pm Weekdays, 7am-11pm Saturdays/Sundays (subject to change) with different rates (see image).

Check out the booking calendar for available times/dates.

While you're in the DAAC Space:

  • A DAAC volunteer will be present at the reservation to check you in & out. Please be courteous to our volunteers and remember that cancelling reservations in less than 24 hour notice will be super disliked. We realize life happens, and would ask you to consider donating to The DAAC in lieu of your missed reservation.
  • Prompt arrival and departure are required to allow for cleaning and airing out the space between reservations. Please be courteous to others who want to use this community space and arrive/leave on time. Consider booking more time for your arrival and departure if you have set up/take down needs.
  • Alcohol or drugs are not permitted at the DAAC or property during your reservation.
  • Outside water bottles & food are permitted if guests follow COVID-safe procedures for consumption as outlined in our handbook.
  • Non recyclable trash MUST be taken with you. Bring a garbage bag if needed. The DAAC will have minimum recycling on site.
  • Only paper towel is permitted in main bathroom trash cans as we are composting this bin. There is another small garbage in bathrooms for other waste items.

Renting during a pandemic:

  • COVID-19 guidelines MUST be followed from the DAAC's handbook, and masks or shields worn at all times (subject to change). Read the handbook here.
  • All attendees will need to read our COVID protocols and leave their name & phone number for contract tracing.
  • Maximum of 65 people (including DAAC volunteer) allowed in the space at a time.


Subject to change & all are 2hr minimum reservations

  • Public rate = $5/hr or $10/hr depending on time selected; OR 8hr+ = $40-$80 special Flat Rate
  • Adding chairs/tables/Sparrows Coffee/Golden Hour Tea = $2.50/hr or $5/hr; OR 8hr+ is included in Flat Rate
  • A/V equipment (play music using our speakers, use microphones, use our projector) = $2.50/hr or $5/hr; OR 8hr+ is included in Flat Rate
  • Special Day Rates Noted are for 8hr+. If time overlaps between Primary & Secondary Hourly rates, a mid range is calculated.
  • *We will expect FULL payment at the time of your arrival in credit card or paypal format.

Please provide your email address below and flag "" as a safe sender in your email. You will receive a copy of your submission and we will be corresponding about your reservation through email. We will not share your email address with anyone outside the DAAC's reservation volunteers.

I have read and agree to the DAAC's space use policy outlined above