Music Booking

Please read first:

The DAAC is a volunteer-run community space. All events are run by the people using the space. Local performing acts are expected to help fill (personally or with your pals) volunteer positions such as Sound Technician, Sound Flex, and General Admissions alongside regular volunteers to run the show.

How booking works

  • Visit our booking calendar to check available dates and times.
  • If you want to open for an existing show, check out our open positions on OPNR. Our booking calendar will also show "NEEDS SUPPORT" on any date we need bands to play. You can also email us at to express your interest.
  • We are currently booking 2 months out.
  • While The DAAC volunteers will do their best to reply to all the submissions, we may be unable to reply or book your show.
  • Starting May 1, 2023, music shows are held on Saturdays Only. We scale our booking capacity with our volunteer capacity. Volunteer with us!

What to expect at a show

  • Shows tend to start at 7pm. Music must end by 11pm.
  • Tickets are usually a $5-7 suggested donation at the door. We split the door 20/80, where performers receive 80% of all ticket sales plus whatever profit they make from merch.
  • Due to COVID we require everyone to wear their masks (properly).
  • Performers can remove their masks during a performance.
  • Right now The DAAC has a limited capacity of 65 people, including performers and volunteers.
  • Performing groups are limited to 1 helper maximum who can attend free of charge.


Re-order Band Name Email Phone Where do you call home? Weight Operations
City, State/Province, Country
more items
The DAAC is 100% volunteer-run! We couldn't exist without our amazing volunteers. Will you bring anyone with you to volunteer for the event?

Positions include Sound Tech (experience required), Sound Assistant, Admissions, and COVID Check-in (no experience required).
Do you have any special requests for our Sound Engineers? Ask our sound friends what might help ahead of a show.
Can you provide your own show flyer art?
Which of these describes you?
Check any that apply.
COVID Protocols for your show
The DAAC always has masks available free of charge if people forgot.
Photos or physical copies with ID validation.
The DAAC is following the CDC's recommendations for Kent County's Community Levels. If the county has been in "Low" for 3 consecutive weeks, masking is strongly encouraged/optional at DAAC events. If it is in "Medium" or "High," masks will be required at the DAAC. Please indicate below if you would like the following options at your show regardless of the CDC Community Level.