About the Space

The DAAC's new home at 1553 Plainfield Ave is in the Creston Neighborhood of Grand Rapids, Michigan. We are proud to be part of this thriving, funky, & caring art district.

  • COVID Capacity: 65 people. Masks are required by all attendees (subject to change). READ COVID-19 HANDBOOK HERE
  • PPE such as face masks, shields, thermometers, gloves, hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray
  • Four benches + other seating options
  • Six 6-foot folding tables (extra fee)
  • Fifty 300lb weight capacity chairs (extra fee)
  • Power strips, extension cords
  • 100mb Upload/Download Fiber Internet
  • Heated & Air Conditioned
  • Accessible entrance
  • 2 gender neutral bathrooms
  • Drinking fountain with bottle filler (only bottle filler is available due to COVID)
  • Artist sink
  • Mini-fridge
  • Microwave
  • Coffee Brewer & Schuil Sparrows coffee (extra fee)
  • Electric kettle & Golden Hour teas (extra fee)

Panoramic view of venue showing stage and bench seating

  • 12' x 16' Platform with ramp
  • Yamaha MG16XU 16-channel mixer
  • 12-channel snake
  • 3 QSC K12 Speakers
  • 3 QSC K12 Monitors 
  • 3 DI boxes
  • 10 Microphone Stands & XLR Cables
  • 4 SM58 Microphones
  • 4 SM57 Microphones
  • DVD player
  • Vankyo V630 Projector with inputs for : 1 VGA, 1 USB, 1 powered USB, 1 AV, 1 SD Card, 2 HDMI, HDMI-Lightning adapter available. Outputs: 1/8 inch stereo.

  • 7 art hanging rails (4 in performance space, 3 in lobby)
  • Juno gallery spot lights (12 in performance space, 12 in lobby)
  • 3 moving panels for additional art hanging

DAAC Floor plan

  • Temporary load in/load out parking is allowed on Saunders directly across from the DAAC's entrance.
  • 2 parking lot agreements have been formed - shown as big green areas on map:


    • Neighboring church, Berean Baptist, is allowing us to use their parking lot between Saunders & Sweet.
    • Star Collision's owner has allowed our patrons to park in their lot across Plainfield when they are not open.
  • There are many other street parking spaces available shown in green.
  • Our only request is not to park in Quinn & Tuite's parking lot to the south of the building (red).

Green = OK to Park

Red = Bad to Park

Good to park in the church parking lot on the north west corner of Saunders across from the DAAC, Bad to park on south west face of the DAAC building