DAAC Facilities

The DAAC's new home at 1553 Plainfiled Ave is in the Creston Neighborhood of Grand Rapids, Michigan. We are proud to be part of this thriving, funky, & caring art district.


  • COVID Capacity: 15 (96 otherwise)
  • PPE such as face masks, shields, thermometers, gloves, hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray
  • Four benches + other various seating options
  • Six 6-foot folding tables
  • Fifty 300lb weight capacity chairs
  • Power strips
  • 100mb Upload/Download Fiber Internet
  • Heated & Air Conditioned
  • Accessible entrance, 2 gender neutral bathrooms, drinking fountains
  • Artist sink, mini-fridge, counters

Venue Capabilities

  • 12' x 16' Platform with ramp
  • PA System coming soon as we assess our equipment!
  • DI boxes
  • 10 Microphone Stands & XLR Cables
  • DVD player
  • Epson Power-Lite 77C Projector

DAAC Platform and Ramp DAAC platform-collapsed

Gallery Capabilities

  • 7 art hanging rails (4 in performance space, 3 in lobby)
  • Juno gallery spot lights (12 in performance space, 12 in lobby)
  • 3 moving panels for additional art hanging

Floor Plan

Image of the DAAC's Floor Plan, entrances, exits


  • Temporary load in/load out parking is allowed on Saunders directly across from the DAAC's entrance.
  • 2 parking lot agreements have been formed - shown as big green areas on map:

    • Neighboring church, Berean Baptist, is allowing us to use their parking lot between Saunders & Sweet.
    • Star Collision's owner has allowed our patrons to park in their lot across Plainfield when they are not open.
  • There are many other street parking spaces available shown in green.
  • Our only request is not to park in Quinn & Tuite's parking lot to the south of the building (red).

Green = OK to Park

Red = Bad to Park

DAAC Parking