ALTA, Arizona Wilder, Inflatable Best Friend, The Scare Seasons

Presented by The DAAC

Event Type
Mutant holding a mop surrounded by floating heads

A figure with bulging muscles, lopsided features, and a tattered shirt stands in front of an American flag and wields a wet mop in their gloved hand. A hand-drawn speech bubble shows them saying "Go to this Fukin' Show!" This is surrounded by five cut-out photos of the heads of young, white men with curly, brown hair making various goofy faces. One wears a fake white beard. One has a hand drawn thought bubble that says "please." Typed text reads: THE DAAC. January 6th. Starts @ 9:00, 6 Bucks! Music by... Alta (MILWAKEE), Inflatable Best Friend (KZOO), The Scare Seasons (HOLLAND), More TBA.

A RAWKIN show is happening at the DAAC on January 6th!

Alta (Milwaukee, WI) (Math Rock/Post Hardcore)
>>ON TOUR w/ Arizona Wilder<<

*Posty tappy Jamzzz! Come support 'em! These guys are making the trek all the way through the snow!

Arizona Wilder (Milwaukee, WI) (Hannah Montanna-Core)
>>ON TOUR w/ Alta<<

Inflatable Best Friend (Kalamazoo, MI) (Psych Punk)
*A whirlwind of inside jokes and apathy.

The Scare Seasons (Holland, MI) (Garage Rock)
*Jake Kalminks next venture after The Overheaters began to die down. There really isn't any reason to not enjoy this band.

Their new EP is out on Obvious Records! :O

+1 Tba....?

$6 for the touring band. COME HANG OUT.