Anthony Erlandson, Judoh, AYYb3E, BMB SimmiSweet, iGor Storm

Presented by The DAAC

Event Type
Superhero dog flying through the sky
Flyer Credit
Igor Storm

A brown dog with droopy jowls in a superhero suit flies through the sky. The dog is wearing a red cape, gloves, boots, and a blue suit with the letter "U". Doggo makes two fists with its front paws. Text reads: The DAAC. Saturday, January 28, 7p.m. Anthony Erlandson, Judoh, AAYB3E, RoKKetman, iGor STORM. $5 Admission, All Ages, Wheelchair Accessible, Masks Required. The DAAC, 1553 Plainfield Ave NE #4, Grand Rapids, MI. 49505

Doors at 7pm - $5 suggested donation

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Anthony Erlandson





Last minute add! BMB SimmiSweet

Venue info

  • All shows attendees will be admitted if they are masked (regardless of vaccination status), are sober, follow the DAAC's COVID-19 policy, and submit details for contract tracing.
  • All shows are all-ages, substance free and jerk free.
  • Our capacity is limited to 65 total people so available ticket amounts will vary based on the number of performers and volunteers for the event.
  • If there are remaining tickets available, admission can be purchased at the door day of show using cash, paypal, or credit card.

To request an accommodation or for inquiries about accessibility, please email We have a ramp entrance at the back of the building, seating if requested, accessible gender-neutral bathrooms, free water and cups for use, and free ear plugs. We are always ready to listen to our attendees on how we can do better and what we could provide.


Parking can be found at a few locations:

  • lot parking at Berean Baptist Church
  • lot parking across Plainfield at Caliber Collision
  • NO Parking in Quinn & Tuite's lot

The DAAC is on Rapid bus route #11 (Sweet St stops). Bike parking can be found in front of the building on Plainfield or by using the ramp railing at the back of the building.


The DAAC is located in the back part of the Gaia House Cafe building on Plainfield. It is a dark green building with a white and black striped awning. Turn West on Saunders which is the street directly North of the building. You will see the DAAC logo on a door and an owl mural. You will see the DAAC logo on a door and an owl mural. The main entrance door for shows is on Saunders, and an accessible entrance is at the back of the building up the ramp.

Refund Policy

Refunds are allowed up to 24 hours before the event.