Band names on pieces of ripped out paper laid out on a yellow shag rug.

Odd Dates // NOHEALTH // Moses // Helical Scan // Callow // Grower


Grower - Up the Punx (Philadelphia, PA) Callow - Heavy, Fast, Good (Philadelphia, PA) Moses - Mathy, Catchy Rock/Post-hardcore (Mt. Pleasant) Odd Dates - Mathy, Emo-y Hardcore (GR) NOHEALTH - Heartfelt Hardcore (GR) Helical Scan -...

Portrait of a woman's face with blue and purple flowers drawn over her hair. Trophy Scars with Nigel Silverthorn. Summer 2013.

Trophy Scars, Nigel Silverthorn, NOHEALTH, George Costanza


Trophy Scars Post-hardcore/alternative legends from New Jersey Nigel Silverthorn Ambient and blues-y acoustic rock from Los Angeles, CA/Saginaw, MI. NOHEALTH Gut-wrenchingly heavy hardcore/screamo from Grand Rapids. George Costanza Poppy and wild screamo...