Comrades Fest


Doctors Wives (FIRST SHOW!!)
Daresay Hearsay (FIRST SHOW!!)
Hayley Hungerford (FIRST SHOW!!)
The Campanellis (FIRST SHOW!!)
Hate Your Friends (FIRST SHOW!!)
Ridiculous Party Behavior (FIRST SHOW!!)
Shivers On a Sunburn (FIRST SHOW!!)
Low Cloud (FIRST SHOW!!)
Circle Maybe (FIRST SHOW!!)
Atlantis (FIRST SHOW!!)
Krycheck (FIRST SHOW!!)
Upset (FIRST SHOW!!)
Zach & Joe (FIRST SHOW!!)
Deep Breath (FIRST SHOW!!)
Keith VanKlompenberg Tim K. and Aaron (FIRST SHOW!!)