Like Crazy : photographs by Bianca Ghezzi

Presented by The DAAC

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Park scene with city skyline

An expansive, grassy park with the skyline of a large city in the background. The sun is shining and there are many fluffy white clouds in the sky, which takes up most of the frame. In the foreground, a couple walks with their bicycles. Other people are lounging on the ground.

an exhibition of new and old work by bianca ghezzi. 

* * * * * 

We can never forget our homes. We're pulled in many directions, dragged by fortune and circumstance to unknown places- and we may not hold any animosity for these places, but rather they are colored, made significant by our exodus, by our love for our roots, because we will never be able to forget where our true home lies. Photographer Bianca Ghezzi is returning to the Midwest after spending four years in New York City. She is showcasing her photographs in print for the first time with a unique exhibition featuring photos taken during her time away from home.

* * * * * 

join ms. ghezzi for an evening of food and beverages on the evening of january 20th from 5-8pm for a free opening of her work.

check out some of her work here :