Cultivate: Life Drawing - Studio Evening

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Loose gestural pencil drawing of a human figure laying down on their side, with arm resting in front

Gestural pencil drawing of a human figure laying down on their side, with arm resting in front. The face is more highly rendered than the torso, and the lower body is barely rendered at all - only a collection of expressive lines. The person's hair is dark, and their eyes are lightly shut. Text is white on a forest green background above and below the drawing. Text reads: Cultivate Learning: Life Drawing. Practice drawing the human form from direct observation. Third Tuesdays. DAAC. 6-9pm.

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We invite you to join us for Life Drawing Studio with Cultivate. We are so excited to draw and work with you.

This evening is for beginning to advanced artists as we draw our live model. Every session begins with 20 minutes of gesture drawing. If unfamiliar, these are poses that are quick and meant for warming up. Following gestures, the model will pose for 10 and 20-minute increments. Our educator, Shannon Mack, will conduct one complete demonstration each session and is happy to provide any further guidance.

We will supply large format paper, graphite pencils, charcoal, and masonite boards for drawing. We invite you to bring your sketchbook, drawing materials of choice, and easel if you would like.

Studying the figure is a great opportunity to sharpen observational skills and to capture anatomy with self-expression and intuition.

Note: for these events at the DAAC, our model will be wearing clothes.