Curating: A group discussion

Presented by The DAAC

Event Type
Group of curators
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Marlee Grace

A group of curators stares off in the distance, with illustrated lines. Their eyes are poked out with scribbles, and doodling lines surround them. Text reads: Curating: A group discussion featuring Sarah Scott, Anna Campbell, and more! At the DAAC, Thursday January 27th, 7PM. Location is 115 South Division. Bring: Questions, A dish to pass (Potluck, yo!), A friend, It's free! (Donations, plz??)

A panel discussion on the topic of Curating.

AND it's a potluck!

all are welcome to this free event.
bring your questions and a dish to pass.



Anna Campbell (GVSU Art & Design)

Sarah Scott (Heartside Gallery)

Alison Jones (GVSU Gallery)

Cindy Buckner (Grand Rapids Art Museum)

Michelle Bosak (KCAD)

Moderated by: Jenn Schaub


Some Questions: 
Why curate? what are the benefits and downfalls? what is the dividing line between a curated show and one that is well hung? what are the benefits to creating intentional shows? how do local curators choose shows? what are some tips for beginning curators....and of course any other burning curatrial questions....