The Dirt Under Your Nails: Ty Dykema, Closing Reception

Presented by The DAAC

Event Type
The Dirt Under Your Nails: An Art Exhibit by Ty Dykema, Closing Reception
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Ty Dykema

Promotional poster featuring an image of Ty Dykema smiling up toward the sky with his eyes closed layered over an abstract painting. The text is written in an old English font and reads “The Dirt Under Your Nails: an art exhibit by Ty Dykema. Closing reception - May 6, 2023, 6-9PM. At The DAAC - 1553 Plainfield Ave NE.”

Join The DAAC in welcoming Ty Dykema (he/him) on May 27th from 6-9PM for the closing reception of his free to attend exhibit The Dirt Under Your Nails, a collection of his mostly digital mixed media work spanning a lifetime of concentrated progression and love through art. This is the culmination thus far of distinguishing a style portrayed through many portraits of loved ones, punk rock gig posters, and anything in between he’s experienced along the way. Two ambitious and never before seen pieces will be premiered at this event and we would be thrilled to have you be a part of the big reveal.