ecstatic RECLAMATION dance & ART show

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Rapture is my birth right

This is a very special experience and opportunity to RECLAIM your wholeness, sovereignty and power. Return to an embodied state where you can listen to your body and intuition. Through a sharing circle, embodiment practice led by Ember Stirling, ecstatic dance and integration/grounding, we will journey through the parts of us that have been silenced. We will give VOICE and LIFE to those silenced and wounded parts. We are deserving of feeling full alive, held and empowered. There will also be a gallery of Ember's art.

Show up as you are! However you are, you are ENOUGH and WELCOMED.

This event is for ALL genders/sexes. However you identify, you are welcomed.

Some of the proceeds for each ticket will be donated to to support survivors and prevent domestic and sexual violence.

Reserve a spot by sending $22 to Venmo or PayPal @lexamaxdi or paying cash at the door. No refunds.

About Ecstatic Dance

It's a free form dance, with no choreography. Simply intuitive movement. The dance playlist creates a wave of rhythms to facilitate journeying. The intention is to form community connection and connection with one's body/mind and soul.

Ecstatic Dance Guidelines

  • This is a substance free event. Please show up as you are.
  • No photographs or video recording is permitted, unless the whole group consents.
  • Have fun, respect the collective space and yourself and listen to your body!
  • No talking on the dance floor.
  • You are welcome to dance with others or alone, use non-verbal communication to express your boundaries and needs.

*EVERYbody is welcome, regardless of ability. This event is a supportive space to move your body as much or as little as you'd like. Listen to what your body needs throughout the dance and feel free to honor it's needs.


Ember's Bio

Ember Stirling is a mama of 2, a licensed massage therapist, an embodiment coach, an artist, a conscious creatrix, an intuitive healer, a cycle breaker, a compassionate space holder and an embodied goddess.

She helps people feel more connected to themselves, their bodies, their desires and the people they love. She feels passionate about empowering others to reclaim their body and their power after trauma through bodywork, emotional release, somatic healing, movement, coaching and art.

She believes that everyone has the capability to heal and encourages others to become their own healer and to trust that they truly know what is needed to create the life that they desire.

River's Bio

Dance has been a soulful companion throughout my life. I first discovered ecstatic dance in the Red Woods of California in 2019 and became inspired to share this embodied, community driven and holistic practice. It has been a gift to host and co-create events in Lansing and Traverse City, Michigan, along with British Columbia, Canada. Ecstatic dance offers organic body movement, feeling waves of e-motions and connecting in a space that is supportive and liberating. Dance feels like home and sharing it is a calling and return to love.