Face Paint

Presented by The DAAC

Event Type
Scribbling swatches of yellow, pink, and red

Scribbling swatches of yellow, pink, and red. Text is scratchy over top the light colorful swaths of paint. Some text is pasted on in cut-out collage lettering. Text reads: Face Paint w/ bernelle and others. Feb 25th at the DAAC. Doors at 7. Music at 8. $6. 115 South Division. thedaac.org

face paint's other half will be truckin up from cleveland for our first michigan show. if we could just have a good time and make some tunezzz...

Face Paint
The Boyars

doors at 7:00 pm; music at 8:00 pm.

6 big ones at the door

all ages, no drinking, it's the DAAC and if you haven't been there, it's about time you paid a visit (www.thedaac.org).