Fiona Dickinson//Ida's Rope//Charlie Darling//Hailey Wojcik

Presented by The DAAC

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Shadowy photograph of a person standing on the other side of a doorway

Shadowy photograph of a person standing in a room. A streak of light distorts what the camera can capture, appearing as a pink vertical stripe. The person in the room is standing at a distance, through a tall doorway with no doors. Their face is mostly in shadow. Glass bottles and hanging objects appear in the foreground, with a standing lamp.

*Join us for an evening of music with four incredible lady singer-songwriters*

Fiona Dickinson
:Fiona Dickinson is a British songwriter and multi-instrumentalist currently residing in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Along with her work in the Double Phelix Music Collective (Kzoo) and playing in the ambient shoegaze project, Saltbreaker, Fiona has a lengthy list of collaborations on stage, in the studio, and with independent film.
Taking a cue from Bjork-esque vocalists, as well as adding elements of shoegaze, old time folk, and lush string arrangements, Fiona creates a beguiling dark sound. While the instrumentation of reverberated guitars, violins, and cellos is invariably complex and often provide unexpected hooks that draw a listener in, Fiona's most affecting instrument is her voice. Rich and mature, she drives it fluidly between sweetly breathed coos and full-throated wails. Her live shows are intimate and deep, begging the undivided attention of the listener. You can feel her voice pushing back the demons as she digs deep into a growl, and then angelically welcome in the healing process with the voice of tranquility.:

Ida's Rope
:poetic, Bossa-inspired indie rock; Born from the dark, anomalous side of bossa nova, neo-soul and indie rock, Ida’s Rope is an amalgamation of Lakeshore singer-songwriter Chantal Roeske’s love affair with melody and personal storytelling. As a multi-instrumentalist, Ida’s Rope represents intimate accounts of truth melded with chord suspension, time signatures and delicate structure. 
From R&B roots to punk rock and mathy hardcore, Ida’s Rope has borrowed blood from past lives and evolved into a poetic indie rock vein that is distinctively individual:

Charlie Darling
:Feminist/Ambient/Folk Punk/Singer-Songwriter:

Hailey Wojcik
:Hailey Wojcik’s (VOY-chick) darkly witty lyrics and fierce aesthetic have earned her the title of "the Wednesday Addams of her genre" (The Deli Magazine), and NOISEY calls her "Delightfully dark and lovably weird.":