Helical Scan, Mizpah, and Sacred Strays (bb solo set)

Event Type
Blurred photograph of a person on the lakeshore

Photograph of a person on the lakeshore. Their face is blurred in the foreground, and the wave of the lake are in sharp focus in the background. Their short hair is sticking straight up in the wind. The partly cloudy sky is tinted pink from the exposure of the photograph. Text reads: The DAAC Presents: Helical Scan. Mizpah. Sacred Strays. Fri, March 22nd, 8:00PM. 5 bucks.


5 bucks and quick smooch gets you in. 
Doors at 8:00pm

Helical Scan- dream pop for those of you who can't keep your eyes off your sneakers. Sure to make you wanna shake rattle and roll if you know what I mean.

Mizpah- hazy trip-hop with a pop sensibility. For lovers of drugs, cynicism, and vocal rounds.

Sacred Strays- Pantera plays the oldies. Maybe you hate pantera. Maybe you hate the oldies. Maybe you have no soul. Regardless, Brian Barnes is gonna set you straight with fun, soulful riffs in his solo set, so QUIT HATIN