Liance EP Release Show wsg - Parlor Voice, Sleepover, and G'itis Baggs

Presented by The DAAC

Event Type
Pink and red filtered photo of a baby staring at the camera

Pink and red filtered photo of a baby staring at the camera. Red paint strokes cover parts of the photo. Two cartoons overlap the photo. One frame is a close up of a DJ sound board. The second frame is a crowd of people dancing to the DJ. Text reads: Liance Release Show at The DAAC with Parlor Voice (Nineties Alt-Rock), Sleepover (Bedroom Shrug Pop), & G'Itis Baggs (Ambient Devotional Folk). Thurs / June 30 / 7:00PM. $7 / 333 Rumsey St SW [DAAC logo]

$7 / ALL AGES / Doors at 7pm / Show starts at 7:30pm

Liance - Indie rock with high context folk lyrics. Songs about universal themes, the mundanity of death and off-brand almond milk. They'll be releasing their first album since Bronze Age of the Nineties at this show.

Parlor Voice - Nineties alt rock from the heart of Ohio in the spirit of GBV and Pavement. Songs about racist heritage, the fierce pursuit of identity, and the ways that music can expose hidden truth.

Sleepover - Downtempo bedroom "shrug" pop.  A trio comprised of confessional lyrics sung over a Casio keyboard, National-eque drums and intricate guitar riffs. Songs about Oregon, Little League childhoods, and young disconnection.
G'itis Baggs - Psychedelic devotional folk from Kalamazoo. With influences as broad as soul calypso, trip hop and psychedelic rock, G'itis Baggs blends samples and acoustic guitar into surprisingly catchy songs. Songs about utopia, the nature of reality, and the beautiful mystery of existence itself.