No Fences No Borders

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Spray paint on a concrete wall: No Fences No Borders

Spray paint on a concrete wall: No Fences No Borders. There's a shadow of two people standing in front of the wall.

No Fences, No Borders is a photography exhibition featuring work from six months spent living in the occupied West Bank of Palestine. For me, the six months I spent living, studying, and working in Palestine was life changing. I experienced incredible highs and lows, saw some of the best and worst aspects of humanity, experienced resiliency from people that I never could have imagined, and was made to feel a part of a community from which I was a complete outsider. 

All I was asked for in return for those experiences was the promise to talk about them when I returned to the United States. This exhibition is part of my attempt to share them with a wider audience, to encourage discussion on the situation in Palestine, and to promote the notion that we as a community and society need to think critically about things whether they are inside our borders or across the world.