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Event Type
Yellowed photograph of toy figurines
Flyer Credit
Sam Cook-Parrott

Yellowed photograph of toy figurines. They are a variety of characters from TV shows and cartoons - Mulder and Scully from The X-Files, Mickey Mouse doing a hand stand, and the kid from MadTV. Text reads: Winterbreak, Paleo, Procession, Royal Space, April 18, The DAAC. 8 Doors, 9 Show.

A night of passion and fury with:

PALEO ( Nomadic party folk, this time around touring with a band!

PROCESSION ( Local shoegaze gods and goddess

ROYL SPACE ( Spirited guitar attack power duo

WINTER BREAK ( Jazz is dead, get blitzed

8 doors, 9 show (Starting later so you can catch the double feature of "Thrashin" and "Rad" at Wealthy Theatre!)