Presented by The DAAC

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Sandose, Sissy Music, Eidolon

Wavy geometric patterns are made from tiny multicolored lines. Yellow, pink, and rich periwinkle blue shapes are made from scratchy scribbling intersecting lines. The lines form a texture over shapes like spheres, and two cylindrical discs connected by pillars. Red wavy text says: Sandose, Sissy Music, Eidolon, July 28th @ The DAAC. 333 Rumsey St 5$ Doors at 7:30 No booze, no drugs, no jerks

doors at 7:30pm, music at 8pm. $5 at the door no booze and no drugs and no jerks. sandose: Emotional Party Music Sissymusic: Footwork-Inspired Weirdo Dance Eidolon: Cutesy Tunes + Hectic Hyperclub