Twin Flame//Thomas Gun//Carmel Liburdi (Detroit)

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A bright pink bird on a candy blue gun shooting yellow hearts

A bright pink bird on a candy blue gun shooting yellow hearts. The bird and gun are perched on three wires over a watermark photograph of a trolley. Text reads: Thomas Gun, Carmel Liburdi, Twin Flame. July 29 / The DAAC / 333 Rumsey St SW / $5 / All Ages Welcome / Doors @ 7:30 / No booze. No drugs. No jerks.

doors at 7:30pm, music at 8. $5 at the door no booze. no drugs. no jerks. Twin Flame: Synth Pop Trio based in Grand Rapids, MI//Moody indie melodies mixed with a millennial lyric palette. Thomas Gun: acoustic folk-punk Thomas Gun is the solo project from Rob Bruce, a member of Murder Party, The Westside Rebellion, and 78 Revolutions Per-Minute (also the man behind Put Out Your Own Records) Carmel Liburdi (Detroit): Carmel Liburdi's music is influenced by the world around her, as well as a wide variety of genres from jazz to punk. Her passion for story telling comes across in her clever and imaginative lyrics. Carmel's songs allow both her and the listener to dance along the thin line between comedy and tragedy.