WaZoBia + Badenya

Event Type
Hand drawn circular design with djembe at center

Nested circles with lines radiating out from a djembe (a West African hand drum) at the center. Hand-drawn text reads: WaZoBia, BADENYA. Two local progressive/traditional drumming ensembles. Heart beat of Grand Rapids... Live. The DAAC. 115 S. Division. 8pm. Jan 28 2011. 6 $ cover.

WaZoBia is a Grand Rapids, MI based music ensemble. The six member group has a diverse musical background that they bring together to create a unique musical sound that combines traditional African and Afro-Cuban drumming with a variety of other musical influences and styles arranged with modern compositional techniques.

Badenya grew out an obsession with African rhythms and has evolved into a percussion ensemble playing both traditional African rhythms and original material.