Witches of West Michigan/Caer o Donia a Llew: British Isles Folk Play Workshops

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characters dance with masks in a circle

$5 love offering per session. 1-3pm
A folkplay is also known as ritual theater, a ritual drama, mumming, mummering, hoodening, guising, or a procession. They were originally performed by common people: farmers, merchants, craftspeople, and homemakers -- amateurs are encouraged! Folkplays are an older, fun Pagan tradition from the British Isles. A folkplay raises energy, connects participants to deities /spiritual entities, celebrates seasonal holidays, and is an enduring cultural practice. They are currently being revived in the UK, Canada & the USA. Learn some of the history and watch authentic folkplays online. Use drama, dance, song, movement, props, art-crafts, and music to perform folkplays for seasonal holidays (sabbats). If scripted, players can read aloud - no memorization required. Make rudimentary costumes & props. Performances may occur at the theater or at Witches of West Michigan events. Attend one or all.