Music Booking

  • Music Shows are booked Thursday, Friday & Saturday evenings at the DAAC.
  • CHECK THE EVENTS CALENDAR HERE to see if your requested date is available.
  • All shows are all original music (NO COVERS), all ages, substance free, masks required & capacity of 45 people (includes volunteers & performers).
  • During this lower capacity period during COVID, the admission to shows will be split 80% (performers) 20% (The DAAC) at the end of the show. No advance payouts to performers.
  • COVID POLICY for performers can be read in our Handbook on pages 16-18
  • Admission prices to shows are usually $5-$10
  • More details to be added here soon. Email with other questions not answered here!
Other performers you want on the bill. Please include contact information for each.
Number of volunteers you will be bringing with you.
Any special requests for our sound engineers? Ask our sound friends what might help ahead of a show.
Read more about our COVID-19 policies at the top of this page.