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This is it! 2014! After what turned out to be a total bummer of a year, we’re excited to start anew and bring back the DAAC!

In order to do that, we’ll need a lot of help. So to get things rolling, we’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign on RocketHub to help raise funds for a new space. As a platform that is designed by and for an open community of independent artists and entrepreneurs, we believe that RocketHub is an ideal partner for our fundraising efforts. In addition to RocketHub and our partnership with Fractured Atlas, we are also teaming up with our friends at DIT GR, Lamp Light Music Festival, and Many Hands Clay Cooperative in our search for a new home. As artists and organizers, we have invested a great deal into the our city and believe that by working together we can build upon our history, and create a stronger, more sustainable resource for the community for many years to come.

Over the next forty days we are aiming to raise $20,000 to put towards a security deposit, rent, permits, construction materials, and other start-up costs necessary to get a new space up to code. But being the dreamers we are, we have created additional stretch goals to encourage everyone to dream big! By contributing to this campaign you will not only be investing in our local arts community, you will also be supporting a larger network of all-ages venues and independent artists all across the US of A.

To show our thanks we have a wide array of gifts designed by some really talented friends. In addition to all the listed rewards, each contributor ($1) will also receive a DAAC logo button and an invitation to a Thank You Party that will be our first event at our new space. If you are unable to donate to the campaign, fear not! You can still help us reach our goal by:

1.) Spread the Word!

- Share the campaign with friends and family on social media

2.) Share your DAAC memories!

- What is your favorite DAAC memory? What was the first DAAC show you went to? Why is the DAAC important to you?  


- If you need more than 140 characters, or prefer more formal methods, the Rapidian is a great resource!

3.) Non-Cash Donations

Thanks to our fiscal sponsor, we are able to accept non-cash donations. If you have any tools or equipment that you would like to donate, get in touch with us at info@thedaac.org and we will send you a non-cash donation letter.

4.) House Shows!

- Attend one of our benefit shows during the campaign!

- Get in touch with our friends at DIT GR and book a show! 

5.) DAAC Archive

- Following the campaign we will be launching a new and improved website with an archive of every DAAC show from the past 10 years. So if you’re a pack rat who has saved any old DAAC show recordings or flyers let us know so we can add them to our archive!

- We’re especially interested in material from 2003-2010.

As we move into our tenth year we’re excited to make a comeback and work to make the next ten years better than the first! Throughout the campaign make sure to check back often as we will regularly post updates with added incentives, news on fundraising shows, and photos of all the rewards.  

From all of us involved with the DAAC, past and present - Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!! It is only through your continued support and belief in all-ages music that the DAAC has been able to exist this long, so lets all roll up our sleeves and make a new and improved DAAC together!


Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork,

 xoxo~ the DAAC Loves You ~xoxo