Changes to Masking Policy

Masks in brightly colored line drawings: Important Update
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Dear friends and followers,

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve made community care a priority. We listen to concerns and respond to our community members. We feel it’s time, based on feedback and careful thought, to make an important change.

We have decided to remove mandated masking at shows. We are still working directly with artists to ensure accessibility. Any performer may request a masked show. Volunteers will enforce masking for masked events when the artist chooses. Venue capacity will no longer be restricted to 65 (reduced for social-distancing). Venue capacity will return to the maximum (96).

We strive to keep everyone safe at our events. This includes at risk, disabled, and immunocompromised community members. Artists can choose to require masks for their shows. We support, honor, and enforce masking requests, without any judgment or question. For masked shows, we will advertise safety protocols clearly in all our communications. 

Artists: For currently booked shows, please contact your volunteer organizer directly with any questions or concerns.

For events advertised as “Bring a mask” or “Please bring a mask,” masking is strongly encouraged, but not required. Masked shows will be clearly marked with the phrase, “Masks required.”

We’re a 100% volunteer-run organization. Please give us patience and grace while we work through these changes. Reach out with any questions or concerns to

The DAAC Core Committee