May 2-8: Give what you can via Fractured Atlas

Support The DAAC fundraising poster

Lavender purple square with white text and border. Text reads: Support The DAAC. Help us reach our fundraising goals! Fractured Atlas, our fiscal sponsor, is selecting 20 projects to receive an additional $1,000 if you donate during May 2 - May 8. Donations of any amount count! [Link to donate, raw URL]

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DONATE via Fractured Atlas

This week ONLY! Our amazing fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas / @fractured.atlas is celebrating the 20-year anniversary of their fiscal sponsorship program by distributing $1,000 to 20 different projects! Every donation that our donors (that's YOU!) give from May 2nd - May 8th is one chance that we have to receive this $1,000, so we are humbly asking for your support!

Donations of any amount not only help support our work in and of themselves, they also give me a chance to receive an additional significant amount of financial support. Thanks in advance!

DONATE via Fractured Atlas