RapidGrowth G-Sync Article on The DAAC's Next Steps

Crowd gathers on the curb outside 115 Division Avenue
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Our friend Tommy Allen at Rapid Growth Media posed many though-provoking questions on The DAAC's next steps in his piece for G-Sync. Read it here.  

...What drives the DAAC and its supporters (whose numbers are growing rapidly in spite of the organization's homelessness) is that they provide something we cannot purchase as a community or easily place on a bumper sticker.

"We recognized right away as we looked at the DAAC's legacy that we still have a chance to create something that is wholly Grand Rapids," says Wolf. "An artist can borrow or appropriate items from others to fold into their work and make it their own but too often we see planners simply trying to recreate a replica of what Chicago or New York have here. We are not going to be Chicago. We are not New York. We are Grand Rapids!"