Thank You! But Please Help Us More

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Written by Stovepipe:

2020 has been a hard year for all of us. It’s been especially hard for local venues. And the DAAC is not immune to this difficulty. That being said, we are especially thankful for your generous and continued support. Such support has brought us over $33,000 since we first started raising funds in 2014 for our current space. 

We’ve put $12,000 to date towards our new home in Creston. The rest of the money we’ve put towards merchandise and operating fees. Currently, we have $17,000 remaining in our Fractured Atlas account. We estimate that it could possibly last until fall 2021 IF we are unable to host art/music shows and thus build revenue. In light of this, we are especially grateful for your further donations. 

If you donate, the money you give will go directly towards our $1,100/month rent, along with $150-300 in our monthly utilities and maintenance. If you donate, we won’t have to spend our nest egg and instead save it for future emergencies and expenses.

Sadly, Congress has still not passed any bill to help the entertainment industry (Click here to send a pre-filled letter to your Congress person). As a result, venue and galleries are struggling in ways we couldn’t have imagined or even prepared for. 

We understand many of you may be out of jobs, or just forced to be frugal during these uncertain times. Do know that we are truly grateful for your generosity and will put it to good, transparent use. 

We will overcome this and DAAC will once again be a place for people of all ages to gather, experience great music IN PERSON, and support the community. But getting to that point requires us to help each other. So please consider helping DAAC. Thank you, wash your hands, and take care of yourselves and each other.

With every donation, we'll put your name on a daactopus inside our new space!