Candy conversation hearts with concert details printed on the backs
Exterior of a building on a small side street. Above and to the side of the door is mural of an owl spreading its wings against a purple sky.

Welcome to The DAAC


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Brightly lit venue with stage, stacked folding chairs, and gallery lighting

Volunteer-run since 2003

The DAAC is an all-ages music venue and DIY arts incubator. Substance-free space, completely volunteer-run.

Blog Articles

May 2-8: Give what you can via Fractured Atlas

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DONATE via Fractured Atlas This week ONLY! Our amazing fiscal sponsor, Fractured...

Music & Poetry Booking Now Open!

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After years of finding our new spot, we are thrilled to reopen Music and Poetry...

"DAAC Fan Art" Exhibit Open Call for Submissions!

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Calling all artists: we are so excited to request our first OPEN CALL FOR...