Sailor Kicks

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Sailor Kicks, So Many Humans, Ben Miller Multiphonic Guitarscape


Get tickets on EventBrite Sailor Kicks: So Many Humans: Ben Miller Multiphonic Guitarscape: Miller’s deconstructed Gibson Kalamazoo is equipped with 4 pickups routed in Stereo panned hard Left/Right. Screws, springs, silverware, binder clips...

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The Positive / On the Line / Beneath Corruption / Mandayla


$5 ALL AGES. NO DRUGS. NO ALCOHOL. NO JERKS. 8:00PM door, 8:30PM music The Positive (Newaygo) Punk rock! On the Line (GR)… Beneath Corruption (GR) Mandayla (Big Rapids) Hard Rock/Metal/Metalcore/Thrash

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3 Cents Short, The Last Slice, The Sailor Kicks, and Murder Party


5 bucks again for another kick ass DAAC show, featuring the return of Tulsa, Oklahoma's own "The Last Slice" and a couple of Grand Rapids favorites! Come out, skank, have a good time, let's party! Music...