La Dispute/DAAC Benefit feature on Revue

La Dispute band members at a crosswalk
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"Rock bands with any sort of depth tend to sprout from unorthodox beginnings. The Ramones perfected its stage show at the gritty CBGB. The Velvet Underground preferred to get weird with Andy Warhol at The Factory.

For La Dispute, a Grand Rapids-based band that now tours the world, its genesis can be traced back to one particular DIY spot: the Division Avenue Arts Collective (DAAC), a now defunct volunteer-run venue and gallery once located in the heart of Grand Rapids. The location closed in August of 2013 when its space was sold by the building’s landlord. But there’s hope it will re-open and the band’s success is now supporting the DAAC’s looming resurrection, in a new location.

La Dispute is performing an intimate “seated alternative performance” in collaboration with Calvin College’s Fine Arts Center on April 7. All proceeds go towards the relocation of the DAAC." Read More