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Rebirth of the DAAC: Local Spins Article

Our own John Hanson guest wrote an article for Local Spins describing the DAAC's presence in the Grand Rapids music scene and what it means that we are reopening our doors. Read more here

Banner on the side of a building reads REDINK Flint Local 432

Local 432 Field Trip

DAAC board members, Charity & Mike, took a field trip to visit the good folks at Flint Local 432 today to talk shop and check out their awesome all-ages space. Thanks to Aaron, Joel, Layla, Sarah, Chris, John, and Mike...

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Why All Ages Matters

"It’s a space where freshman kids at City High School can start a band and BOOK THEIR OWN SHOW... Can you imagine what the world would be like if more kids put down drugs and stopped going to the mall...